June 3, 2023

The struggles of finding sportswear for women – The particular Daily Star

When I think about girls doing sports, I think about a ball tangled in a net. Or a shuttlecock taking flight, only to get caught up in a tree branch. What I’m referring to is nuisance – things that are not central to the game but end up becoming obstacles to reaching goals. Of all the countless hurdles between the woman and sports, one is her clothes. Especially when appropriate clothes are hard to find.

A quick walk around the particular first floor in Bashundhara City makes the gender disparity in sportswear pretty clear. Out of the 18 activewear shops, only 2, Puma plus Lee Cooper, have clothing for women. In Lee Cooper, the women’s section is a single small rack sitting quietly in the corner. The total number of items for women were exactly two dozen. The numbers were higher within the adjacent Puma outlet but still didn’t match up in order to that of the men’s section.

The trend remains the same for online marketplaces, too. In one particular website specialising in sportswear, the men’s category showcased 71 products, while the particular female category had only 31. The particular ratio is worse on e-commerce platforms like Daraz that do not specialise in sportswear.

This makes it extremely difficult for ladies to find the products they’re looking for. Dipra Marjan, who plays football, complained, “Till date I couldn’t find a ready-made jersey that would fit me well – neither too long nor too short. ”

Given the constricted range of options available for ladies, they are compelled to make do with mens clothing. But having to cherry pick the smaller sizes from men’s sections is challenging as those items were not made with a woman in mind.

Sportswear options are reduced even further for females who choose to wear the particular hijab. Finding loosely fitted trousers is a common struggle as most from the stores only feature fitted leggings and joggers. The length of sleeves and shirts also make covering upward more difficult.

The struggle associated with finding even the most basic items certainly lowers the woman’s expectations. But a Bangladeshi brand named Dour took me by surprise. On their website, they listed 134 items of activewear for girls, which included their sports hijab. SheActive is another brand name that has a decent collection of sportswear for women. Yet both brands are outliers and their products also come with limitations.

Regarding the design of the hijabs, Nusrat Jahan Irina, a student of North South University, said, “I wouldn’t opt for any of them as they simply are not really good looking enough. ” Dipra Marjan stated similar reasons for not opting with regard to a sports hijab. These challenges have forced females to come up with their own creative solutions. Irina goes regarding oversized in a number of T-shirts along with sleeves underneath to cover her arms. Dipra opts intended for a full-sleeved inner-wear beneath her shirt.

The availability of fundamental amenities will be a minimal requirement to build an environment conducive to female sports activities. Evidently, it’s not a level playing field, if women are lucky to get a playing field at all. From having the fields occupied with just males in order to racks in sports stores dedicated to exactly the same, women constantly possess a higher hurdle in order to cross.

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