March 30, 2023

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Last Sunday (16 October) was the long-awaited Delhi Half-Marathon, as the race returned after a two-year covid break. Till a few years ago, the popular 21km race would take place mid-to-end of November when Delhi would be cold (and the air polluted). This year, it took place under the harsh October sun. Beginning the run around 6. 30am meant finishing it under the scorching sun on a humid day. The result? Painful chafing.

Chafing is a skin condition that is common in endurance sports like running and cycling, where your skin rubs against the particular skin (example, thighs rubbing against each other while running) or against a piece of clothing (example, sports bra straps, belts, t-shirt tags). It stings and takes your focus away from the activity you’re pursuing. Not to mention that when you shower after your operate or ride, you most certainly will scream in pain.

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Some of the ways to prevent chafing are in order to layer prone areas with petroleum jelly. Chafing generally occurs within warm, moist areas like the inner thighs, groin, buttocks, armpits and under your own breasts. Some athletes also use band aids plus some invest in anti-chafing gels or even deodorant sticks to prevent this. But they help only to a limited degree. If you have already chafed your skin, trust aloe vera gel and petroleum jello (or actually baby oil) to keep that area from irritating you more. What I have found is that investing in good quality active-wear really helps prevent chafing. Here are some of the products I have tried out myself, plus swear by.

Uniqlo AIRism.

Uniqlo AIRism. (Courtesy Uniqlo)

For quick drying comfort: Uniqlo’s AIRism line of clothes fits comfortably on any body type. The particular mapping crew t-shirt has become the favourite for runs, thanks to its quick moisture wicking technology. This highly breathable t-shirt lets a person run half-marathons without drenching yourself within sweat; using cupro fibres, which reportedly absorbs and releases sweat from the body. As a layman, even if the fabric technology will be of no interest, the feel is certainly one associated with cool comfort and ease. The t-shirt dries much quicker than a cotton one, making this a great choice with regard to running.

The t-shirt felt less coarse than also a dry-fit polyester top. With a feel closest to silk, it uses almost 90% polyamide (which by the way, has the highest resistance to abrasion of all textile raw materials) and 10% elastane to make it fit like a glove.

Uniqlo AIRism Mapping Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt; 1290; uniqlo. com

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Under Armour Iso-Chill 200 Laser T-shirt.

Under Armour Iso-Chill 200 Laser T-shirt. (Courtesy Under Armour)

For sweat-wicking and airy runs: Under Armour’s Iso-Chill tech works very well in humid areas. The material uses flat yarn in order to disperse entire body heat plus titanium dioxide to absorb UV energy. This means that when you wear it, the t-shirt feels cool to the particular touch and is super light and well-ventilated. It is usually obviously perspiration wicking, which helps in preventing chafing as well.

The particular t-shirt’s design also deserves a mention. The back from the t-shirt has perforations so that during sweaty runs or workouts, your body still gets enough ventilation, and the perspire doesn’t stick to your skin. My favourite bit is probably the cut outs near the shoulder blades. This isn’t just great regarding feeling less sweaty, but also increases ease of movement intended for both operates (where your hands are usually moving back and forth repeatedly) plus workouts such as burpees or even ball slams (which requires you to move your own hands in an up-and-down fashion). There is definitely also the reflective patch right at the particular nape, ensuring some visibility on early morning runs.

Below Armour Iso-Chill 200 Laser beam T-shirt; 4, 499; available in stores

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Silvertraq Biker Shorts

Silvertraq Biker Shorts (Courtesy Silvertraq)

For a pain free trip: Okay, so biking shorts are meant for biking sessions. But the Silvertraq shorts are also excellent to get running within. This is especially so because the fit ensures that it won’t ride up on your thigh whilst running. If your shorts ride up, your own thighs are usually free in order to rub against each other and before you know it, you have chafing and walking like a duck the next few days.

What I also like about these shorts is that they come with side pockets that are deep sufficient to match your phone, keys plus probably the packet of energy gel. Though not seamless, the seams are stitched in a way that will they are not abrasive. This again results in lesser friction and less chafing. It comes along with the same quick dry technology that you want in your workout wear, along with what the brand calls “anti-odour” tech. Made with a mix of polyester (88%) plus spandex (12%), the shorts are pure comfort. Also, bike pants are really trendy because casual put on I am told. So , a person could easily double these types of up pertaining to mall hopping or brunch.

Silvertraq Biker Shorts for women; 1, 699; silvertraq. com

Sohini Sen can be a writer based in Delhi.

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