June 3, 2023

How to Print on Pillowcases

Print pillows are an excellent way for customers to personalize their space and add an eye-catching accent. Custom pillows can also help tie together rooms from season to season or from wall color to wall color.

Creating a personalized pillow is an effortless process. Simply upload your photos and have them printed onto high-quality fabric for an item that your customers and you will cherish for years to come.

Cotton Canvas Pillowcases

Cotton canvas pillowcases are an excellent way to add some character and texture to any space. Perfect for showcasing custom art or design, these cases fit a full or queen-sized pillow and can be perfect for monogramming, painting or other craft techniques. Not only that but they make great promotional items for businesses selling pillows or beds as well as fun giveaways at weddings, guest rooms or show homes! Made of heavy duty cotton canvas material that makes them easy to spot clean and air dry with permanent reactive technology so your artwork will never fade!

Cotton Twill Pillowcases

Cotton is a much softer, absorbent fabric than silk or satin and can be woven with an impressive thread count for a smooth, shimmering surface. This makes cotton an ideal choice for pillowcases.

However, cotton pillowcases can dull your hair and suck moisture from your skin. That is why it is essential to opt for cotton pillowcases made of a more natural fiber like Egyptian or pima cotton.

If you’re looking for a cotton pillowcase with an added luxurious touch, silk or satin options may be worth considering. While these fabrics tend to be more pricey than cotton alternatives, they provide a more lavish atmosphere and may be worth investing in as an upgrade.

If you’re in search of a luxurious silk pillowcase, Brooklinen offers 100-percent mulberry silk with an 18 momme count. This high-quality fabric comes in eight colors and patterns as well as two sizes; plus it has an envelope closure to keep the pillowcase securely closed throughout the night.

Gooten Pillows

Gooten pillows are an excellent way to bring your brand’s logo to life. They come in various looks and styles, such as cotton twill, spun polyester, and suede.

Personalizing pillows is an excellent way to add value and make them more desirable to potential customers, particularly during the holiday 2022 shopping season.

Like many POD providers, Gooten outsources its production to various manufacturers around the globe. This may result in inconsistent print quality and merchandise that may arrive to your customer in damaged condition.

Gooten offers an impressive range of products and is a reliable printing source. Additionally, they have earned a reputation for fast shipping and competitive prices, making them ideal for smaller online shops.