June 3, 2023

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It’s that time of the year again – the particular Media Noche leftovers have run out and the holiday gorging may have left you feeling sluggish and low on energy. Don’t fret, because you’re not the only one on this boat.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to hop on the fitness train again, and this January is particularly motivating as spaces to move and sweat in possess reopened. With stylish activewear pieces that you can rock both in the gym or away on a casual trip, these outfits will have you looking your best so you can put in the work on feeling your greatest.

Loose activewear sets

Loose activewear sets like this jacket and shorts combo from Lotus can pull double duty as your workout attire or an errand day outfit. With no time spent thinking associated with building a look (which, through unfortunate personal experience, may take hours), you can jump straight into productivity. Wear them in trendy colors such as this lemon and lime duo to be mirror selfie-ready anytime.

Long-sleeved yoga top

January’s weather can be peculiar in the Philippines – it may be hot in the particular morning, rainy in the afternoon, then chilly at night. If you’re planning upon being active outdoors, this particular chic long-sleeved cutout piece from Lovito can provide a good extra layer for when the January breeze is cold, but also be breathable enough in case the weather gets warm.  

Tennis skirts

The tennis skirt has experienced a resurgence within popularity along with the sport, and for good reason. Its typically neutral designs are easily paired with any top, whether its for a tennis match or a regular day out. The built-in inner pants lets a person move every which way you want without losing the particular fun flounce of a skirt. It’s the great method to enjoy the physical freedom plus the fashion statement of wearing a skirt sans the particular threat associated with a wardrobe malfunction.

Vibrant sweatpants

Wearing eye-catching colors is an easy way to add personality into a look plus make an outfit memorable. Pair your basic black tees with mauve sweatpants like this pair from Puma to become both comfortable and in-trend. Imagine yourself taking that k-pop dance class that’s been on your bucket list in these.  

Tie-dyed sports bras

Full-coverage sports bras are versatile wardrobe staples because they can also dual as crop tops. When you’re not really rocking all of them at the gym, you can throw a button down shirt over them and go about your day time. This item from local brand Bunny Bodies comes in the golden yellow tie dye design which can be the statement piece of any fitness center or casual outfit.

Asymmetrical sports activities bras

Another stylish sports bra design that you could opt for is the one-shoulder silhouette. Don’t be fooled by the one-sided strap; these types of bras can still provide the chest support you’re searching for at the health club. Outside, you can definitely wear these tops as a nifty streetwear piece – just pop on a stack of necklaces or chunky earrings plus you’re set! Should you be upon the hunt for one, check out this sports activities bra simply by another nearby brand, Pinch Fitness.

In the name of endorphins, better posture, and improved mental health, we’re claiming January as the particular comeback season for exercise. The most important thing is to have fun with it, so don’t be afraid to explore new horizons, whether it’s through your workouts or your own wardrobe.

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