March 30, 2023

Best sweat-wicking activewear to keep you feeling fresh all day long – Evening Standard


weating normally comes hand in hands with exercise, and according to some of the meanest personal trainers, if you’re not sweating you’re probably not working hard enough.

Thats said, no one wants the embarrassment of sweat patches left on their activewear gear or to feel like a puddle associated with sweat post-workout.

So the introduction of sweat-wicking active gear was of course the next step for activewear brands – with over two-thirds associated with brands (67 per cent) now using sweat-wicking materials for their sports bra, leggings and other activewear pieces. Brands such as Lululemon, Brooks and Under Armour are just some of them, but smaller companies are usually also cottoning on to the trend.

What is sweat-wicking material?

Sweat-wicking activewear is made from high-tech polyester, which has been designed to absorb heat or sweat, allowing it in order to evaporate plus keep the particular material dry, rather than leaving it damp. This is the result when you sweat on cotton – leaving you feeling a little bit icky and ready for a shower.

When we perspiration whilst wearing the wrong clothes, especially activewear, chafing can be the particular biggest issue – leaving sores on the skin, which could mean your weekly gym schedule will be interrupted because you heal.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new sports mycket bra and don’t want the chafe or even need leggings that will maintain you fresh after the HIIT sessiom here’s our selection of the particular best sweat-wicking activewear.

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Pocket Sport Plein Air Leggings 

Pocket Sport

These stylish leggings with a striped block-colour look will draw attention to you with regard to their design, rather compared to any perspire patches forming.

The activewear is usually made from a mix of polyester and spandex, giving you breathability, as well as the hold. The ‘squat proof’ tights, which have matching colour block sports bras, made with breathable fabric, will wick away any perspiration as they stay put during your workout.

With a hidden pocket to store any valuables, the leggings also boast a high waistband, in order to keep you tucked in.

Women’s UA Infinity High Sports Bra

Below Armour

This sports bra is perfect for high-intensity sports activities and fitness like running and HIIT classes, and has a sweat-wicking band, plus sweat-wicking materials throughout.

Once your own beads of perspiration have been mopped up by the HeatGear fabric, it further helps to cool you down and keep a person dry. The particular bra, which is made along with padding within a figure-8 pattern for a more aerodynamic fit, also has mesh panels, allowing the body to breathe while exercising.

Finished off with adjustable criss-cross straps you’ll feel supported throughout your spin, circuits or lunges, pleasingly sweat-free as you push ahead with your exercise.

Runderwear Women’s Running Briefs


A brief encounter when you are running usually means chafing or sweat-induced injuries — rather than any hanky panky. Runderwear knickers, with their 360 seamless style, and moisture-wicking construction, have nailed this when it comes to sweat-wicking.

Thoroughly researched plus tested more than the years – particularly on keen runners : the briefs, which come in black and blue are super comfy to wear plus will leave you chafe-free, even if you’re a regular marathon runner.

Having a built-in four-way stretch you will barely feel them and will be recommending them to other runners in no time.

Brooks Atmosphere sleeveless top


This selection associated with bright operating tops, made with tissue-light fabric. won’t have a person working upward a sweat as you train for your next marathon.

The loose-fitting sleeveless top is designed for joggers but may be worn to keep you awesome through an outdoor class or during an intense spinning class.

The ultra-light material also offers extra mesh ventilation and of course, sweat-wicking material, which makes the stretchy top a great choice for summer, or just regarding when you know they’re going to be working at their hardest.

CEP Women’s Run ultralight shirt short sleeve


Made with a super-lightweight stretch fabric the tight-fitting t-shirt is also available as a vest and long-sleeved version.

The integrated dotted design adds to the t-shirt’s aesthetics but also increases the surface area to allow for breathability – keeping you cool plus fresh, even when you work up a perspiration.

The particular seamless laminated fabric edges also make sure there’s no rubbing or chaffing – that is exactly what you need while working out.   If you’re looking intended for visibility, while out pounding the pavements, the smart reflective elements will certainly also get you noticed as soon as you step outside.

Rab Women’s Talus Ultra Shorts


Fancy trademarked names to get fabric normally mean you’re in good hands — and Rab’s shorts are usually no exception. The brand uses Matrix fabrics within the Talus shorts to protect your legs from the particular wind and allow for extra breathability. Next, its Flexile fabric gives your body protection since you break a perspire and maintain on working or hiking. The material absorbs the moisture, meaning you’re chafe-free and ready for that next mile. The lightweight close-fitting liner shorts, that can come in blue and red, are perfect for summer, or simply those who love beating the streets sweat-free.

Natal Active Luxe maternity & Postnatal tights

Natal Active

These colourful leggings won’t just hold your own baby bump in place but help to wick away sweat as a person do your downward dog, or even something a little more intense.

When you’re pregnant and grappling with a bump the last thing you want is definitely sweat trickling down your body, so these moisture-wicking tights, made through high-tech fabric will keep a person feeling great throughout your own session.

Soft against the pores and skin the fabric is furthermore made to stretch while you grow – along with a non-slip bump panel at the particular front. They’re great to keep in your rotation post-baby too: the leggings possess been designed to avoid C-section scars so you can concentrate upon how to perfect that squat with no other distractions.

Lucas Hugh Stealth leggings 

Lucas Hugh

Super soft and luxurious these Lucas Hugh leggings slide on like silk. They’re produced with heat-sealed seams keeping them breathable and may also quickly absorb perspiration as you huff plus puff your own way through a HIIT class.

Made from sustainable fabrics in Italy they have the particular brand’s signature svelte waistband, which offers support stays up for the duration of your workout. Available within four colours, as well as a stand-out red, the particular mesh triangle detail provides them the stylish edge.

Stronger Hero Sports v?ldigt bra


Sweating around the breast area normally means chafing, which usually we can all safely say can be never a fun experience : during or even after a workout.

The Stronger Hero Sports activities bra, available in seven colours, is made with recycled polyester, a functional fabric that is quick-drying and sweat-wicking –  which means chafing isn’t even on your radar whenever you slip into this medium support vettig.

The pullover design, which has a criss-cross back style also has removable cups and comfortable elastic around under the bust, helping a person feel new, but backed during plus after your workout.

Ballet Fusion Allegro Butter-soft leggings

Ballet Fusion

Ballet Fusions’ line associated with activewear has been designed by women, so of course, they understand what we’re looking pertaining to when we are exercising.

Soft upon the epidermis, the tights and coordinating sports bras, feel like a second skin and are ideal for low impact workouts such as pilates or high impact activities like running.

Made with moisture-wicking, but supportive fabric they’ll keep you dry, however hard you are working. Their super-high waistbands are pinch-free on the pores and skin, while the seam-free gusset can make sure you don’t have any kind of fashion disasters getting out of the relationship to focus on your PT.

Made for every type of movement – they’re lift, lunge and plie proof.


Workout leggings that are stylish and can perform with us when we workout are far plus few between but Pocket Sport Plein Air Leggings are easy on the eye and wick aside sweat faster than all of us can do a burpee. A great staple for any gym junkie.

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