February 5, 2023

Best maternity gym wear for working out with a pregnancy bump – Cosmopolitan UK

Maternity activewear is just one thing on a very long ‘to buy’ list you accrue when you’re pregnant . But step aside, pregnancy pillows and baby changing bags : pregnancy activewear is a lot more fun to shop.

Who says mamas-to-be have in order to spend the whole nine months sitting down? With being pregnant comes a lot of body changes, and maintaining a slightly altered maternity exercise regime can bring a much-needed sense of control. Plus, it’s great for a person in so many other ways too.

“Staying strong is important for helping manage the particular physical modifications that come with pregnancy, ” says pre- and post-natal exercise specialist plus founder of online fitness studio Bumps & Burpees , Charlie Baker. “Keeping active not only helps with the physical side associated with pregnancy, but it’s also hugely important for mental health too. Exercising during being pregnant releases endorphins which are the hormones responsible for lifting our mood and making us feel good, which will be more important than ever while your body is busy growing the baby , ” she adds.

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

You’re not really exactly used to having a beach ball-shaped bump attached to your front at all times, so it is natural to feel protective of it. But the resounding answer is usually yes: generally, exercising is definitely safe while pregnant.

“There are actually less hard nos in pregnancy workout than you would think. It’s all about adapting this to make sure it works for a person, ” notes Charlie. Her main advice? “Be mindful about lying on your back for lengthy periods of time towards the end of your pregnancy, make sure you’re not overheating or overexerting yourself, and listen to your body. It will tell you pretty quickly if something doesn’t feel quite right. Oh, and avoid lying on your stomach when the particular bump starts to pop out (but that’s not really news in order to anyone). ” And that’s why some super comfy (and chic, naturally) maternity activewear can be well worth investing in.

Of course , in case you have any questions at all about exercising whilst pregnant, it’s always really worth speaking to your own doctor or even midwife about them, as they’ll know more about your personal maternity journey. Although it can be easy to fall into the trap associated with thinking ‘Oh, I don’t want to bother them or look silly by asking! ‘ – we promise it’s always best to put your mind at rest (and it’s part of their job to help you feel well-informed and in ease! ).

What to wear working out while pregnant

Dressing your changing body whilst pregnant isn’t always easy. And just as you’ll probably have started to create adaptations with your regular clothes, you should expect to do the same with your workout gear. “If you aren’t feeling comfortable, you won’t become motivated to keep pregnancy exercise up, ” Steve points away. “If your own clothes are too restrictive over the bump it can make you feel dizzy or sick, so make sure in order to find a few maternity activewear that feels good upon you or even size up to give the particular bump plenty of room, ” the girl adds.

Luckily, there are a ton of decent maternal activewear options out there, ranging within price, and we’ve pick out some associated with the best below to save you some time. Oh! And it doesn’t mean you should feel limited to specially-designed ranges for being pregnant either. Does lululemon create maternity exercise gear, for example? No it does not, but there are some great pieces they perform that do work brilliantly throughout maternity – plus postpartum, as well. You’ve just got to know what you’re looking with regard to.

When ought to I start wearing maternity leggings?

This one is up in order to you! As you’ve most likely realised by now, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to pregnancy bodies. We all change shape and size in very different ways throughout those nine months. If it’s not your first pregnancy, regarding example, you might find that your bump pops out sooner than it did the first time round. Which means those leggings could end up being digging into your belly a whole lot earlier than you’d expected.

Because Charlie points out, the most important thing is to be comfy when exercising during pregnancy. So if that means hunting out there some maternal activewear just a few days after seeing that ‘positive’ line on a pregnancy test, a person do you! The earlier you invest, the more put on you’ll get out of them, and don’t forget you’ll be reaching for your comfies in the days and weeks after giving birth, too…

Read on for our greatest maternity activewear picks…

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