June 3, 2023

10 best places to shop for men’s athletic clothing – Insider

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  • As trends shift to focus more on comfort, clothes that were typically reserved for the gym or training are becoming more popular for casual wear.
  • From retro styles to modern performance, there are athletic clothes that’ll fit into every man’s closet.
  • We rounded up 10 of our favorite places to buy athletic wear that you’ll actually want to put on outside.

In the past, athletic wear was mostly regarded as clothes you’d only wear to the gym, but as trends change toward comfort-driven styles, sportswear brands are more popular than ever — even for non-athletes.  

With performance as the primary concentrate, athletic wear is naturally more comfortable than other articles associated with clothing like suits, button-down shirts, and jeans. Along with more people gravitating to it for everyday use, the styles have evolved to be fashionable, functional, and in some cases even suitable for the office.

Sportswear giants like Nike , Adidas , plus Puma , as well as several amazing startups like Rhone , Olivers Apparel , and Public Rec   feature a variety of athletic use that’ll keep you comfy and looking good.

Whether you’re a true athlete or even someone simply looking for clothes with more versatility, athletic wear is where you should look.

Check out ten of the most stylish athletic wear brands below.

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